It is understood that we are what we eat, it is true. Food is old as the earth itself, treat it with respect.  What we feed on is truly what builds us. Eating good and healthy food is the right path to becoming a healthy you.

The 21st century food trend has unfolded unto us how unhealthy food habits can destroy our health. Food, nutrition and exercise are the most crucial of subjects in our health and well-being. Without a doubt, making the right choice of food and drink , and some regular exercise, can protect against many body problems that are caused by continued unhealthy eating practices.

tastychakula is not only about tasty food in the end, its mostly about the balance of good health. With tastychakula there are no good or bad foods – it is the overall balance of the diet that matters. How people choose to put together meals and snacks with drinks will determine whether their way of eating is healthy or not. Health eating  is about:

  1. Knowing more about food
  2. Enjoying good food
  3. Altering food eating patterns
  4. Making small,gradual changes
  5. Feeling satisfied and good about food

tastychakla will discuss these above mentioned healthy eating points in the next topic under about; Healthy Eating.


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